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 Go Ride Cyclocross 13th Feb Abbey stadium

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PostSubject: Re: Go Ride Cyclocross 13th Feb Abbey stadium   Wed 13 Feb - 23:53

Due to weather we will be making a decision about 2.30ish so keep your eyes posted on forum and/or facebook. Racing will go ahead as planned unless it gets really bad. The kids will be riding to keep warm for approximately for u10's and 15-20 mins for the older ones we will try and be a slick as possible and will try not to keep anyone hanging around.


Paul Berry & Joh Mulen
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Pam Yates

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PostSubject: Re: Go Ride Cyclocross 13th Feb Abbey stadium   Sun 10 Feb - 22:37

Just to add to Paul's information, especially for our new members:

The Go-Ride Races are events put on specifically for new entrants to the sport so that they can experience racing without being swamped by experienced racers and be put off before they've even started.There is no set pattern for the races as we can cover many different cycling disciplines e.g. circuit races, grass-track, hard-track etc. (We don't do BMX as there is a BMX club in Redditch and they have the facilities and expertise.)

This Wednesday's race is a Cyclo-cross. This involves the riders riding round the course for 5, 10 or 15 minutes + 1 lap of the course depending upon their age. As they pass through the finish line each time their laps are counted and the one who completes the most number of laps and comes in first is the winner. We usually award prizes to the first 3 in each of the age groups - u8s, u10s, u12s, u14s and u16s. We shall have 2 courses - one for the u10s and u8s and the other for the older riders.

There will be some warm-up time and a little bit of coaching before the race so that everyone is comfortable with what is expected and they are confident with the course. If there is time we shall, hopefully, get two races in for each of the riders, award points and the winners be decided on their average point score. This will depend upon how many turn up to race and if we can get everyone registered and organised on time. This will be the first race for many and so will probably take a bit longer. It has also been advertised in all of the Redditch and Bromsgrove Middle and High Schools and so we could get a lot of newcomers too.

We shall need some parent helpers and help from our experienced racers. We need lap scorers and marshals please.
Please email me with your offer of help. Many thanks.

Hope this helps to explain what will go on. The main emphasis is to have fun!
The dates for the other races are listed in the Rides and Events forum.

Happy cycling

p.s. The entry fee is £2 per rider.
We have to pay £1 per rider to BC and so effectively lose 50p per rider from this week's subs. As BC provide the certificates and medals and other prizes we think this is good value for money.
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Join date : 2009-11-11
Age : 43
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PostSubject: Go Ride Cyclocross 13th Feb Abbey stadium   Sun 10 Feb - 6:19

Hi All

We are holding a series of Go ride races for novice riders over the next 6 months or so, They are aimed at anyone wanting to try racing without it being too serious . The first one is this wednesday at Abbey stadium Racing starts at 6.30 so we would appreciate it if everyone can come a little earlier than usual with your entry forms that Pam has emailed out to you already completed so we can start promptly.

As its racing we will NOT be helmet and bike checking so parents please please make sure your childrens bikes are safe in particular the quick release wheels are done up properly and the brake cable attached if you have to take the wheels off to get in the car. Please also bring very warm clothes for afterwards.

I will hopefully have the time to ride some practice laps in groups before the race and give the riders some pointers as I do in the league, but parents can also help with this if they want.

There will be certificates for everyone. Most of all we want it to be fun and for everyone just to have a go and try their best regardless of ability. This is an ideal opportunity for everyone to get a taste of what they can expect at the bigger races.

There will hopefully be plenty of helpers around the course. If any of those club members who don't really get involved with the slipstreamed want to help out please come along more the merrier. Its a good opportunity to see the future of our club and perhaps see a side to it you don't normally see. John Mullen and I will be setting up the courses from 3 ish on wednesday again any help would be appreciated as there will be a lot of tape and stakes to put in place.

I think Richard intends to do his coffee and cakes stall so if anyone can muster up some cakes for him I for one will appreciate them!! Proceeds go to the slipstreamers coffers.

Good luck see you wednesday. I hope your looking forward to it as much as I am.

Any questions please ask.

Paul Berry
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PostSubject: Re: Go Ride Cyclocross 13th Feb Abbey stadium   

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Go Ride Cyclocross 13th Feb Abbey stadium
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