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 Hello, from novice wanting to join

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PostSubject: Hello, from novice wanting to join   Sun 27 Jan - 6:47

Just wanted to say Hi, my name is Jason, I live locally and am about to join the club.
I have an interest in cycling although havent ridden since a kid.

I recently purchased a turbo trainer which I have used several times and a new bike, a Felt AR4 2013 road which I aim to use asap.
I want to lose weight and get fit, my job means im either on my bum in an office or on a flight wherever im needed which in turn means I havent kept myself in as good a condition as I should have.

So, with that in mind I want to join the pack as it were and get some road miles under my belt, maybe go on a few club events and find a cycle buddy to push concentration and maintain the mileage stays on the up.
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PostSubject: Re: Hello, from novice wanting to join   Sat 2 Feb - 23:18

Hi Jason

As no one has replied I thought I would try and help, there are two club runs on saturday, the 9.30 ride with Alan james is always a nice ride to go on friendly and sociable with a good range of abilities. They may go a bit far for your first few rides but i have always found that you can cut these short a bit and make your own way home. Speak to Alan as quite often they will go out towards where you live so you can nip home and pick your car up from the bramley later.

You could even consider just riding upto the bramley cottage say hello introduce your self and ride back to mappleborough that would be about 12 miles for you.

You will find if you can get out 2 or 3 times a week even if its for an hour you will soon improve. The club spinning class is also a good place to start on tuesday nights you can make these as easy or hard as you like and again their is a wide range of fitness levels, its also another good way to meet other club members.

If there is some interest I will happily take a novice group out to introduce you to group riding and explain the etiquette as best I can or even organise a trip to the solihull circuit for a bit of coaching. We cannot coach on the roads we are not allowed under BC rules and Insurance.

We also arrange slipstreamer training at the circuit in solihull on friday nights whilst not designated an adult session you can come along if you let us know and get some miles in for an hour without the issue of cars. We are hoping as the weather gets better more adults will come to this and form their own group. There is plenty to keep you busy its just a case of biting the bullet and getting out there. Hope to see you soon.

Paul Berry (committee and slipstreamer coach)
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PostSubject: Re: Hello, from novice wanting to join   Sun 3 Feb - 2:08

Thanks for the reply.
Im hoping to go for a ride tomorrow if the weather is OK, ive been on the turbo this week and with the best will in the world I hope to be able to ride a 20m course (well, id like to do 40 but maybe in the future?)
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PostSubject: Re: Hello, from novice wanting to join   

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Hello, from novice wanting to join
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