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 Greetings from Ian Turner

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Gordon C

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PostSubject: Greetings from Ian Turner   Mon 17 Dec - 2:02

Sent: 11 December 2012 20:04
Subject: History

Hi Chaps

Might be able to help with some history of your club if you need imput..

I am the son of Ron Turner who we both rode for your club many moons ago and I offten think of doing another Nevil Arms 10.

Infact I remember winning a hilly 15 in Oxfrodshire with Martin Fletcher and Chris Brooks great stuff but flippin cold.....

My father died 24 years ago on his bike and remember at his funeral the people from your club being there. very much appriciated Donn wells etc. Ron (Dad) was the son of Gilbert Turner who also cycled until he was in his late 80/90's. I beleive my family still has his bike which he said the frame was from the Mexico olympics, but never been sure about that one.

Does any one remember Moore and Son in Birmingham who supplied dads frames .I see the name on the net occassionally as a frame builder of much repute. I crashed one of his frames at Cannon Hill Park.... he was well cheesed..........

I remember a Gas showroom sponsored race on rollers on the Promanade nxt to St Stephens church, Hot or what, behind glass windows.. no Fans.. with timed sets as hands of time. I still find it hard to believe they did such things as I still find it difficult to do more than 30mins of work spinning evenly and thinking in circles on rollers ..... how did they do it..

I watched Chris Hoy warm up for 4 hours before his race at the worlds........ on rollers...phew..!!!!!!!!!!

I still ride, and every year consider to rejoining your club, cycling is brilliant, as my son (Cameron) joins me for a quick 25 occassionally. I can still out sprint him between lamp post until one day he,ll discover he's over geared...................

Through Volunteering....I became a coach in sport, and ran a speedo devision one swimming club. From 4 yr olds to internationals and world class swimmers. But I still cycle.... strange really, never joined another cycling club as I was always a RR&Path chap.....

Ping back if yoiu need somemore info.

wishing you all a very merry Christmas


ian Turner

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Greetings from Ian Turner
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